How to apply for a birth certificate to Italy?

How to order a birth certificate in Italy?

In this note we will see how to process/obtain an Italian birth certificate, either with official certification for administrative use; or digitized, for historical-genealogical research.

What is a record or departure?

Birth, marriage and death certificates are the axis of our genealogical search and the starting point in the process of recognition of Italian citizenship.A person's birth certificate contains the name of his or her parents; the marriage certificate shows the name of the parents of the bride and groom. With the information of these items, we will link parents and children.

Which institution issues the items or minutes?

In matters of registration of the civil status of persons, both Argentina and Italy are heirs of the French model of the civil registry. In Italy, as well as in Argentina and other Latin American countries, registration systems are based on the French model of civil registration which, as far as our interests are concerned, consists of:

  • The drafting of documents that record the three key moments in the life of a person: his birth, marriage and death, which are reflected in the so-called acts or certificates.
  • This function is fulfilled by the civil registries.
  • The books where these documents are drawn up are kept in duplicate, leaving one copy in the local civil registry while the other is sent at the end of the year to a centralizing office. In Italy these centralizing offices are the Archives of the Italian Courts that after 70 years are authorized to send the books to the State Archive, located one in each Italian province. In Argentina, this function is fulfilled by the General Directorates of Civil Registry of each province. But in other countries there is a Central Civil Registry that preserves the books of the whole country.

Before the creation of civil registries, the registration of births (baptisms), marriages, and deaths was in charge of the church.

What is the name of the civil registry in Italy?

The civil registry in Italy is called Stato Civile.

Beginning of civil registration in Italy

In Italy the civil registry exists since 1804, with the invasion of napoleonic troops, with interruptions depending on the area. When the French were expelled from the peninsula, civil registry offices were left open in some regions and in others they were closed. The definitive opening came when the Kingdom of Italy was formed.That is why it is important to know the historical stages of the Italian civil registry, that is, the opening and/or closing dates of the civil registry in the area where our ancestors lived:

  • If the ancestor was born on a date when there was no civil registry in the area, we must go to the parishes to request baptism, marriage or death certificates.
  • If the ancestor was born on a date where the civil registry offices were already open, birth, marriage or death certificates are requested from the stato civile of the Italian communes or municipalities.

These recommendations are for the event that we need a legalized item to carry out some procedure. Otherwise, for family history research, where certification is not indispensable, we can conduct an online search. Also, despite having a copy of the birth certificate from the civil registry, we can ask for a copy of the baptism certificate looking for additional information. We will look for records on the internet in case we are carrying out a family history investigation or tomake sure that the ancestor was born there and then ask for the certified certificate for the Italian citizenship process. We have several ways to search for Italian minutes online and in the link Online Games: search and download from the internet, we explain how to do it.

Request minutes from the communes

Where to order Italian birth certificates? Italian birth certificates are requested from the commune (municipality) where the ancestor was born, the order can be made via post or online.

What data is needed to request an Italian game?

The basic data: the date or at least the year of the event (birth, marriage, death; name of the person; name of the parents; know the place of the event. To request legalized items, I recommend you read these links:

Request minutes from parishes

To place an order with an Italian parish or diocese, I recommend reading these suggestions: