How to search for Italian ancestors? Complete guide

How to search for Italian ancestors? Complete guide

This guide will guide you in the search for your Italian ancestor. If you are looking to reconstruct the history of your family you will be pleased to know who your Italian ancestor was, where he was born, what that place was like, at what time he emigrated, why he emigrated and so many other stories and events that you will discover little by little.

Someone once said that genealogy without documents is mythology and that is precisely where our passion lies: in finding the documents that show us who our ancestors were. If you are only interested in obtaining Italian citizenship this guide will be of enormous help as well. Although surely, in the course of searching for the necessary documents you will get sick with the "genealogy virus".

In this sector of the page we will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the search for information of the Italian ancestor:

How and where to find data of the Italian ancestor?

Other important topics

On the departure of the ancestor from Italy