Last name Bottari, Bottarelli, Bottarini, Bottarin, Bottaro

Last name Bottari, Bottarelli, Bottarini, Bottarin, Bottaro

The surname BOTTARI (and other variants) derives directly, or through a hypocoristic (diminutive) from a nickname derived from the activity carried out by the head of the family, in this case 'bottaio' or 'bottaro' = "manufacturer of barrels, cooper", that is, that artisan dedicated to the manufacture of barrels to store / park the wine.

At present, the cooper trade resists the times: in Italy it is still possible to see a cooper working. Its activity has been considerably reduced from the post-war period to the present. However, this craftsman was present in the homes of our grandparents, thanks to the countless artifacts he built for his skill. Barrels, vats, bathtubs and other wooden objects were his creations.

In the years when coopering was a widespread profession, wealthy families organized their own harvest with wine produced in the hills. So containers were served for the conservation of the wort and the cooper was the right person for its realization. During the creation of the barrel, the 'bottaro' chooses the type of wood he will use, then cuts it, obtaining staves (boards) that will be placed in appropriate shape and places for aging, which usually lasts from one year to four years.


– BOTTARO has a great diffusion in Liguria, Venezia, Napoli and in Sicily, in Messina, Syracuse and Agrigento.

– BOTTARELLI is found in Lombardy, in Brescia, Milan, Bergamo, Mantova and Cremona, and in some parts of Parma and Piacenza. – BOTTARELLO, is a practically unique surname, it is due to an incorrect transcription of the previous one.

– BOTTARI is present as 'leopard spots' throughout Italy, according to Ettore Rossoni, a great researcher of Italian surnames. It is found in Emilia, tuscany, Abruzzo, Puglia, Reggio Emilia and especially Messina.

– BOTTARIN is very rare and looks typical Trentino.

– BOTTARINI, very rare, is specific to the Varese area.