Surname Dolce, Dolcetta, Dolcini, Dolciani and others

Dolce, Dolci, Lo Dòlce, Dolcétti, Dolcetta, Dolcet, Dolcetto, Dolciotti, Dolcini, Dolcino, Dolciòtti, Dolciani, Dolcimascolo, Dolcemascolo, Dolcemaschio, Lo Dolce.

According to linguists Alinei & Benozzo 1 these surnames derive from the Latin name Dulcius and Dulcissimus (in feminine Dulcia and Dolcia), an augural name given to a newborn who is desired, who is good and affectionate or that his arrival in the world pleases the parents.

The origin of these surnames is found in the medieval name Dolce, which in archaic onomastics assumes a value of affection towards the son. From the historical point of view, traces of this name can already be found in Siena in the thirteenth century, with a certain Dolcetto procurator and bishop of Siena. In conclusion, therefore, it is the transformation into a surname of the father's name, although it is not excluded that it is a derivation of a nickname given to the father by the characteristics of his personality.


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