Surname Gabbana, Gabbani, Gabbano, Gabbanetti and others

Gabban, Gabbana, Gabbani, Gabbano, Gabbanetti, Gabbanelli

According to Ettore Rossoni 1, these surnames must derive from the archaic term gabbana or gabbano, a kind of large coat used in medieval times, with sleeves and hood, sometimes lined with skin. It was perhaps used to indicate that parents used to wear such coats or that perhaps they made them.

Despite being such a rare surname in Italy, it turns out to be known worldwide by the Italian fashion firm .


  • Gabban is located in areas of Alessandria and Novara and in Rovigo
  • Gabbana is typical of Treviso, Pordenone and Venice
  • Gabbani is located in Verbanese, Tuscany (between Pistoia, Florence and Pisa) and in Pesaro
  • Gabbano is practically unique

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