Surname Parodi, Parodo

Surname Parodi, Parodo

Parodi is the most common surname in Genoa and also throughout Liguria among the typical (the first of the region is Rossi, which is obviously a generic surname, typical of northern and central Italy). It comes from the Latin Prodi, which means, brave, daring; perhaps it was taken by some Ligurians between the sixth and ninth centuries of our era.

The surname has its origin in Parodi Ligure or Litta Parodi, small communes of Alessandria, which formerly belonged to Liguria, from which there was a strong emigration to the coast and especially to Genoa, on which it depended economically and politically.

It is a very old surname, we find since 1100 the Parodi marquises, vassals of the Republic of Genoa. The surname appears in Savona in 1214: "Ansaleto Palodo" (the pronunciation of the intervowel -l- as -r- is normal in Genoese). A variant of the surname is Parodo, characteristic of Carloforte, the Sardinian city where Genoese-Tabarquino is spoken.

It is one of the surnames that no longer appear in the Top 200 due to the process of southernization of surnames.