Surnames Abate, Abatedaga, Labate, Abatantuono and others

Abate, Abbate, Abà, Abbà, Dell'Abbate, Degli Abbati, L'Abate, Labate, Labbate, Labà, Abatèllo, Abatèlli, Abatino, Abatini, Abbalèo, Abatangelo, Abatantuono, Abategianni, Abatescianni, Abatelillo, Abaterusso, Abaticola

All these surnames can be found written with a b or with a double bb

They are all surnames derived from the religious title abate / abbate (in Northern Italy abà or abbà), = abbot and are related to the family of a prelate, of an abbot, a superior of a monastery belonging to certain Christian religious orders with the title of abbey.

It is also usually applied to the entertainer at a party, to whom he directs the dance at a popular party. 1

Abatangelo: Abate + Angelo

Abantantuono: Abate + Antonio

Abategianni: Abate + Gianni

Abatecola, Abaticola, Abbatecola, Abbaticola of the family of Abate Nicola

Abatemattei, Abatematteo, Abbatemattei, Abbatematteo must all derive from the fact that the progenitor of the family was a prelate, probably Orthodox 2, named Matthew.

Abaterusso, Abbaterusso must derive from the fact that the progenitor was a prelate, probably orthodox and also red-haired.

Abatescianni, Abatiscianni, Abbatescianna, Abbatescianni, Abbatiscianni: union between abate and the medieval name Scianni (dialect form of Gianni), indicating the belonging to the family of an abbot – almost certainly Orthodox – named Scianni (see Abategiovanni).3

Abascia: Apherysis (loss of a syllable) by Abatescianni.Meaning 'Father John', Gianni is a diminutive of Giovanni = John and can be considered as a nickname or as an occupational surname given to someone who worked in the house of a priest (abbot), whose name was John.

In Jean Tosti's Dictionnaire en ligne des noms de famille (currently offline site), 4it reads:

Aba = Name of Italian origin (Abà). Like its variant Abba (Abbà), it is an apocope of the forms Abate, Abbate (= abbot, see Abbot).
Abbot, Abat = Derived from the Latin abbate = abbot, who runs an abbey.

One can be surprised by such a surname, since the abates would not have children, in principle. But, this was not necessarily so in the Middle Ages, and on the other hand it should be known that the name of abbot also designated in medieval society functions that had nothing to do with religion. Sometimes it can be a nickname, the servant of an abbot or even a dependent person of an abbot, an abbey as far as manorial rights are concerned. Finally, let us note that, in the Gascon country, there were lay abbots, in charge of collecting tithes.

Abbot = Arabic name meaning servant (of God): Arabic 'abd, 'abbad.


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